Ahhhhh!! What a crazy awesome run!!

I saw the forecast last night so I was prepared for today’s rainy weather. When Abby jumped on my face I woke up this morning I was on autopilot. Fed Abby her breakfast (this is really the only reason she gets up in the morning), had some breakfast myself, got on my rain gear and headed out for an hour walk with her and didn’t care about the weather.  She has NO clue how lucky she is.

She was filthy by the time we got back (something that can’t be helped in the rain when you’re 2 inches from the ground!) and I had to give her a bath.  Up at the cottage I can’t get her OUT of the water…but a bath?  She would call the humane society on me if she could.  By the time we were done, we were not on speaking terms.  But within 30 seconds she was down in the kitchen asking for a treat as if she had been well behaved. The strict mom that I am, caved within 10 seconds…look at that face (not looking at me, but her treat jar) – how can you say no??!!

Then it was time to get my run on.  Coach said to do an easy 7 miles with some pick-ups in the middle.   Yeah, I got mixed up and did 7 miles with pick-ups the entire time! LOL! But seriously, I’m INSANELY excited about the run because the pace I held for it is one that I haven’t done on that loop in over 3 years!!!  I even went back to look in my records to make sure! That is so so so so so awesome!!! I feel so good right now!! So my report back to coach? “Run went well…7 miles that felt great”. I mean, I’m not lying, right??

It continues to be a rainy day so I think I had better go shopping… 🙂

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