Days like this.

Today is one of the days that coach said I was allowed to run – an “easy 10k”…well, “easy” is a vague term as far as I’m concerned. For example, it was very easy to run a hard 10k this morning. 🙂  But it’s days like this (when I’m “allowed to run”) that make me REALLY appreciate being able to run.

I ran on the treadmill (as predicted) – as you can see from when I was walking the dog, even the sun has given up around here! Normally, I swear, it would have been well up by this time!

Abby has this hilarious habit of climbing on the treadmill once I’m done because it’s warm – she’s a cuddler!  But this morning, the look she gave me was one of “It’s my turn now, right?” Or at least that’s how I like to see it…it might have been, “Why the hell do you run on this thing that takes you nowhere? You humans are nuts!”

Last night I went out to field hockey and it was a good thing I didn’t wear anything appropriate to play in because, literally, the guys picked me up and carried me out onto the field to try and make me play.  It was REALLY cold last night, but it was a beautiful night!

Tomorrow is my “long run” – shortened to only 12k…which is better than nothing! 🙂  It likely won’t be warm, but I need to do it outside…haha – last I checked, the actual race is outside and not on a treadmill!!

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