Am I getting old??

It’s April 24th today and when I was walking the dog this morning, I wished numerous times that I had worn my snowpants.  It was -7C (19F) with the windchill. WHY???  Thankfully the sky and rising sun was BEAUTIFUL!!


Last week at field hockey, our first outdoor game of the year, I tweaked my ankle – and in a post, I described how this is a wee bit concerning for me. I’ve been ok to run since then, but I can FEEL it. And with my race in 10 days, the more I think about, the more I think I need to be smart and not play hockey again until after my race.

That kind of decision is very responsible, which is good, but makes me feel old! Body just doesn’t heal the way it used to and I feel like I can’t take the risks I used to take. *Sigh* Am still going to go out tonight and be on the pitch to support my peeps…but I am not going to wear any clothing/footwear that could make it at all possible to play ’cause I know I’d have a rubber arm if someone said, “Aw, come on, just play for a few minutes!” 🙂

And really, not playing hockey is probably what I’m supposed to do in terms of tapering…coach said to cut out my workout today…and I just chose to hear that as “cut out your run specific workout” but he probably meant hockey too – I just avoided clarifying!!

I get to run tomorrow morning – easy 10k.  Am REALLY looking forward to it – partly because I’m DYING not being able to run everyday but also because I’m at a super tense part in Breaking Bad and since it’s still the arctic outside, I know I’ll be doing tomorrow’s run on the treadmill – which is the only place I watch Breaking Bad! 🙂

Have you noticed that as you get older, things just don’t heal the same way?

Do you run on a treadmill? If so, do you watch TV or listen to music while on it?

2 thoughts on “Am I getting old??


    Getting older is pretty terrible. I don't notice healing as much as I notice how my nutrition choices affect my training (and my body) a lot more than it used to.

    I hate running on the treadmill but do it if absolutely necessary. I am a bit of a weather snob and hit the treadmill when it is cold or rainy.



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