I’d have gone to the actual track but…

…when I drove past it 2 days ago, there was still SNOW on it!!

During the winter, I do most of my speed workouts on the treadmill but once the good weather hits, I do them on a local high school’s outdoor track (it’s gravel and old school and I love it). Buuuuut, we’re clearly not there yet and I’m still on the treadmill.

Today’s workout was:

5k warmup
3 sets of 4 x 400m on 1 minute rest and 3 minutes between sets.

It was slightly insane. Which is how it’s supposed to be.  But it was sooooooo good to run!! 🙂

Yesterday, as I said, I had the afternoon off and I needed to buy some socks so stopped in quickly at Target on my way home…then found myself in the change room trying on these cute dresses! I couldn’t help myself!! LOL!  So, I left with a pair of socks and 3 new summer dresses!

Last night I worked the evening shift with a group of teens who always have me in stitches with their black and white way of seeing things and their complete lack of filter.  At the end, one of the mom’s pulled me aside and said that despite all her trying to get her daughter physically active, she wanted me to know that her daughter had decided she wanted to start running…and it was because she had been inspired by me.  THAT is why I love my job.  Also, because this is what my office is filled with:

Yes, I get to play badminton, soccer and floor hockey…all in a day’s work 🙂

Do you do speed workouts?

Do you love your job?

2 thoughts on “I’d have gone to the actual track but…

  1. Carson Phillips

    I love that you love your job 🙂 I love my job on most days, and am always challenged by it.

    I try to do speed workouts once a week with strength training thrown in another couple of days a week. My favorite speed workout is a 40x40m sprint workout with a 30 second break between each split, keeping them within 1 second of each other. It will leave my hamstrings sore for days.



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