When you can’t run ’cause you’re tapering…

…you might as well just get to work early! That wasn’t really my plan, but when my internal alarm clock woke me at the same time I would normally get up, I figured that was the next best thing if I can’t run! LOL!

Woke up to a very foggy & rainy day (matches my mood about not being able to run) and took the dog for a nice long walk in the drizzle.

During which a bunny suddenly ran in front of us – Abby just about lost her mind.

And then I drove myself to work…in the rain…I learned there’s more traffic at this hour and that I should maybe not frown so much! LOL!

Anyway, I scheduled myself a split-shift today…work the morning, afternoon off and then return in the evening to run an activity program with the teens!  I’m praying the rain stops so that we can go outside, but it’s not looking so good!

Hope everyone else gets out for a run today!

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