And the taper begins…and I cringe.

Chatted with coach yesterday to firm up my training plans for the next 2 weeks (race is in 2 weeks yesterday). I KNOW that it’s important to taper but, as most runners know, it’s one of the hardest things to do…and not lose your mind!  So this week it means this is my training schedule:

Monday (today): speed workout
Tuesday: OFF (ugh!)
Wednesday: speed workout
Thursday: field hockey only (no run in the morning…ugh!)
Friday: easy 10k
Saturday: 12k (shortened long run)
Sunday: rest

This morning’s speed workout was awesome:

5k warmup
7 x 1200m on 90s recovery.

It really was awesome 🙂

Since it’s holiday Easter Monday here I met up with my friend (her name is also Jane) for brunch…OMG, it was soooo good.  We went to Maxwell’s Bistro and this is what I had:

Eggs Portobello

toasted english muffins topped with sautéed portobello mushrooms, goat’s cheese and a roasted red pepper hollandaise served with home fries and mixed fresh fruit
Had a lovely visit with Jane – we have such good laughs!

Then I came home only to discover that my Jeff Horowitz’s Smart Marathon Training book was no longer…URGH!!!

My own fault for leaving it lying around (it’s not the first time she has destroyed something like this) but STILL – I was gone for less than 2 hours!!!!!

Will spend the rest of the day doing some stretching and foam rolling and generally preparing for the week! 🙂

Do you struggle during your taper days?

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