You’re never too old for a new Easter outfit!

Isn’t that part of every girl’s Easter memory?  A new Easter dress/outfit – sometimes even a hat!  I can’t say that I’ve had one in years, but I happened to find myself shopping yesterday (you know how that happens…right??!!) and I bought a super cute black dress – perfect for this morning’s festivities – but, with it being Easter Sunday, I cheered the black dress with a beautiful pink scarf and cute new earrings (also purchased yesterday!).  The morning started with a gorgeous 90 minute walk with the dog – sun was just starting to rise when we set out and was warming the air nicely by the time we were done!

The days begins!

Warm sunshine!!

Me and my buddy!
Yes, it’s still cold here!

Then it was home to quickly get ready for Easter breakfast at my parents house – fresh fruit salad, quiche, bacon (is there ever enough bacon??), scones, muffins.  Delicious!! Then it was off to church for Easter Sunday service.  Which brings me to one of my favorite stories of all today!  My grandfather, who lives in Toronto, was in hospital last week (recurring internal bleeding) but made it home for the weekend. He is a deeply religious man (is a well-known, now retired, minister) and this marked the first Sunday in his life that he was unable to attend Easter service. So what does he do?  He figures out (on his own) how to view the service being broadcast online.  Oh, did I mention that he is 94 YEARS OLD?  I have the coolest grandfather EVER.

Today is a rest day – and with the race being 2 weeks from today, I’m going to actually take it easy…well, I won’t run at least! 🙂

What were your Easter festivities?

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