My level of fitness in running is my barometer.

I’ve been running well lately…and on today’s long run, it occurred to me that I haven’t felt this strong – where I feel like a little motor powering/flying along the path with little effort – for about 3 years…and during those 3 years I’ve been through some personal strife. Two years was the ending of a long-term relationship where we both tried very hard to make it work, but in the end, we each suffered personally. The last year was recovering from that.  When I’m going through something personal, I don’t bring it to work and I often don’t put it on my friends (or I try to as little as possible)…but it has to come through somewhere, right?  And today is was clear that it comes through on my ability to train well.  It’s not like I haven’t been training and racing for the last 3 years, but when I look back, I was just going through the motions. Over the past couple of months I’ve got my groove back – I wake up each day ready to push the envelope in my training, always wanting to be faster and stronger and, most importantly, LIVE my training – not just go through its motions. It’s like, for the first time in a while, I feel that I’m worth that level of dedication. That feels SO GOOD. So for me, my level of fitness for running seems to reflect my current level of emotional health – it’s my own barometer.  Kinda cool.

I was to run 21k this morning, but my Garmin says I only did 20 – I might have not done my route correctly or, and I think this is it, I messed up my Garmin at one point while I was taking a picture! HA!  Lesson learned – pay attention to the RUN.  But it was so beautiful.  While it’s still cool here and the spring growth is negligible, there is something very beautiful about this season.

In the dead of winter, this is a skating rink! The largest in the world – 7km!

This is the bridge over to the province of Quebec – well, one of the bridges, there isn’t just one! LOL!

I posted a sunny pic of the Parliament buildings last week – but I think this one is just as beautiful, just in a different way. It wasn’t super sunny today, but it wasn’t snowing!! 🙂

After my run I did groceries, bought some new turf shoes (for hockey) and then, ’cause I can’t resist, did some clothes shopping (need had nothing to do with it!!). Am now going to meet some friends for a drink and then, I need to come home and lie on the couch with ice on my ankle!  It feels no worse than yesterday and I need to at least keep it that way!

Is your running fitness a barometer for you?

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