First game of the season was awesome…but it cost me a day of running!

I think I need to go back a few months first…

Last December, I (stupidly) clambered over a snow bank to jaywalk across a very busy street…at noon…on a weekday. Probably would have been fine if I weren’t wearing, although fashionable, the worst boots possible for a move like that.  Needless to say, I slipped, went over on my left ankle, landed in the middle of the street, cars not stopping and COULD NOT move. I have never felt something like that before, but I was in so much pain I could not even get myself off a busy street. Two girls saw me fall and came rushing over to try and help me, but I COULD NOT move. Just by chance an ambulance drove by and pulled into an adjacent parking lot, one of the medics jumped out and came over to me and told me to get on his back and he carried me over to the ambulance…or at least I think that’s what happened because after getting on his back, the next thing I knew I was waking up in the back on the ambulance on a stretcher. Another “first time” event – passing out.  Awesome. They hooked me up to an ECG, took my blood sugar, temperature and asked a million questions.  Then they took off my boot.  It was ugly.  So, they brought me to the hospital and pumped me full of pain meds (which I later threw up) and sent me for xrays.  When you come in by ambulance, things go a faster – ONE good thing about the embarrassment of being brought in on a stretcher ’cause you’re an idiot and climb snowbanks in inappropriate boots.  GOOD NEWS – I didn’t break anything…just a really bad sprain.  So I spent the next 6 weeks in serious rehab – and I worked VERY hard to heal the ankle.

Fast forward to last night which was our first outdoor field hockey game of the season.  When I got onto the pitch it was 7C/46F…stupid cold for a game that requires good finger/hand dexterity!!  But it was SOOOOO fun to be out there again and I could feel how well my run training is going because I ran up and down that field HARD and felt awesome – never seriously out of breath.  Near the end of the game, the temperature had dropped and I felt a little twinge in my left ankle and Achilles. I played on for another 5 minutes, but I could still feel it and pulled myself off – there was only a 2 minutes left.  No need to get an injury now – for both the sake of my race and the rest of my hockey season!

This morning is was still a bit tender. I took the dog for an hour walk hoping to loosen it up (or at least test it to see how it was) and I could feel it as I walked the dog. 

So I told my coach, Ken, and asked him what I should do. I had been planning a 10k this morning and 21k tomorrow morning. I was pretty sure I knew what I should do, but needed him to tell me. REST. At this point, the fitness gains for the race are minimal and its much more important to stay healthy.

So, on a day off from work, I’m not allowed to run and I’m kind of losing my mind! Ha!

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