I have lost my mind (at least that’s what my non-running friends would tell me).

This is the time my alarm went off this morning:

And this is what it looked like while walking the dog (even she looked at my like I was nuts when I got out of bed):

But you see, I had to be at work an hour early this morning.  I NEED to run first thing in the morning in order to properly function and really, often struggle to get a run in after work – just not motivated then.  With training going so darn well right now, getting up at 4am (an hour earlier than normal) was better than risking missing the workout.  To be honest, while I’m a morning person, I wasn’t sure what would happen at 4am when the alarm went off. But, I got up.  And had a GREAT workout. In my new cute pink top!

Today’s workout:

5k warm-up
2000m (2.5min recovery), 1600m (2min rec), 1200m (1.5min rec), 800m

And my times were SO much faster than they were when I did this workout a few weeks ago. Am SO happy!!!

I struggled for the first part of 2014, to really get into my training for my upcoming race.  I struggled because I had a bad distraction in my life (read: bad boyfriend) and as soon as I lost that dead weight, my training has been flying…and it feels SO. DAMN. GOOD.

2 thoughts on “I have lost my mind (at least that’s what my non-running friends would tell me).

  1. runningsouthern.com

    So glad your training is going so great. When things are aligning, that is enough to give you that extra little bit of motivation to get out of bed. Although 4am sounds terrible to me! (Also a morning person… but I consider morning to be after 5am).



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