If I lived in the arctic, pretty sure I wouldn’t be a runner.

Spring arrived yesterday – the day of my long run!! As I say all the time (sorry), I hate winter. And I hate running in winter (although I have to do it) so to have the first real day of spring arrive on the day I had to run 13 miles, was AMAZING!

Got up just after 6am and when I was outside walking the dog, I knew it was going to be a beautiful day.

Walked the dog for about an hour and then headed out for my long run. I felt like I was naked leaving the house – lol!  I had skin exposed! Haha!  Capri tights and no hat or neck warmer!!  And EVERYONE was out running and everyone was smiling – I love that. We have great places to run here – along the canal is always beautiful and then running through downtown past Parliament is one of my favorites. I see all these tourists milling about, taking pictures and I think, “I live here. I get to see this all the time”.  Awesome.

Spent the rest of the day doing stuff around the house making the move from winter to spring – cleaned the inside of my car out (oh, the layers of salt I had to clean out!!), took the Christmas lights down (seriously, it’s been too cold to do this until now!), changed the winter wreathe to a spring wreathe on the front door, etc. It was awesome…but I was EXHAUSTED afterwards and did NOT properly rehydrate after the run…so went to bed early and am feeling a little rough today. Oh well…the run was SO awesome!

And this morning…cold and rainy. Only reason I’m ok with this is because it’s my rest day…it can rain all it wants!  However, tomorrow’s (Monday) high is 73F and Tuesday’s is 43F. WHAT?  How can that be? There are rumors of snow too…NOOOOOOOO!!!

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