One of those workouts…

…where afterwards you feel like you can take on the world.  That was today’s.  But let me back it up a bit.

Normally my alarm goes off at 5:30 but I’ve been feeling a bit rushed to get to work on time and feeling like I’m cheating my dog on a good walk. I would like to walk her for 40 mins in the morning but lately it’s been closer to 25 mins.  So this morning I set my alarm for 5am – gross. But I got up.  Fed the dog, ate my breakfast and we headed out into the EARLY morning light.

And had an awesome 45 minute walk with the dog during which all we saw was the newspaper delivery man, 4 bunnies and 1 skunk.

Got back home, put on my run gear and stepped onto the treadmill for a speed workout…

Today’s was:

5k warmup
4 sets of 3 x 90s on 30s recovery and 2 mins between sets.

It was killer. And I rocked it.  It felt amazing. And considering I have a 10 hour workday ahead of me, I’m so thankful.

2 thoughts on “One of those workouts…

  1. Canuck Runner

    Yeah, but I LIKE getting up at that time, so it's really easy for me to do it! I'm inspired by people who can run at any time of day – especially in the middle of that day!! If I don't run first thing, it ain't happening! 🙂



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