Sometimes you just need to run…and run some more.

Normally I’m a 1 run a day kinda girl.  And it needs to be first thing in the morning. But every so often, you just need to run again. Yesterday was one of those days.  Normally I’m REALLY good at not bringing work home with me but the last few weeks, I’ve found myself carrying it (figuratively) home with me.  Not sure why…maybe it’s the interminable winter, maybe it’s just that they were tough cases at work. Either way, I don’t like doing it and last night I just knew that I had to run.  I got home from work, walked and fed the dog and changed into my running gear and got on the treadmill (’cause there’s still snow everywhere, it’s cold and it was pouring rain!) and ran. My plan was to run until either my head felt clear or I got too hungry for dinner.  My hunger won – lol!  But I got in a good 10k and felt a little better.

I had dinner and then I rejuvenated my love-hate relationship with my roller and therapy balls. Man, they hurt like a b*tch but they are soooooo good!

Got a good night’s sleep and woke up to dry pavement but a temp of 15F with the windchill. Looked pretty but let me assure you, I was still wearing my snowsuit to walk the dog!

After dog duties, I ran another 10k on the treadmill…while watching Breaking Bad. Am now at the end of the second season. Love it so much.

Got showered and dressed and made my regular fruit smoothie…banana, frozen fruit and milk.

And headed into work in blinding gorgeous sun…but don’t worry, Running Southern, I didn’t have the sunroof open today!!

And now am ready for the rest of the day!

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