Monday…rest day…feet are itching!

Weekend was good. Had the last of the indoor field hockey season on Saturday – great, fast paced game.  Supposedly outdoor starts next Sunday, but there will have to be A LOT of melting between now and then for the pitch (turf) to be ready for us to play on…right now it’s still under a few feet of snow!

Yesterday turned out to be beautiful (high in the high 40’s) but the morning was chilly with a biting wind…and Breaking Bad was calling my name…HARD.  My training schedule had a 20k run…so I got on the ol’ treadmill with a plan to do 12.5 miles.  But I realized that if I was going to do 12.5, I might as well just do 13.1 (the things that make sense to you when you’re running for miles and miles, going nowhere and watching meth being made! LOL

Had a small barrier to deal with before my run could get started yesterday!

Half way through my 13.1mile treadmill run!

Anyway, it felt great and am super stoked! 4 weeks until the actual half marathon – feel that I’m in good shape!

Had a great lunch with some close girlfriends – Stephanie and Melanie – who I have run with for years. Stephanie moved to Switzerland 2 years ago and has just moved back – SO HAPPY TO HAVE HER BACK.  So we had lunch at Mel’s house…fresh bagels (still steaming), cream cheese, fresh fruit salad, bacon and mimosas!!  What could be better??

So fresh & hot that I had to leave the bag open for them to breathe!

And then to top it all off…by the afternoon it was warm enough to have my sunroof open!! Amazing!!

So awesome!!!

This morning, because I wasn’t running, I had more time to take the dog for a walk. I love walking with her early in the morning and today we were able to be out for an hour as the sun was rising. It was beautiful.

Perfect way to start the day.

Can’t wait to run tomorrow!! 🙂

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