Awesome run…and I still live in the arctic!

To be honest, I’m not sure which contributed more to the great run I had this morning – my current level of fitness or Breaking Bad.  I fear it’s the latter! LOL!

I have high hopes that this Sunday I’ll be able to do my long run outside – the forecast right now is for temps above freezing.  BUT, that’s what they said last week and we got half a foot of snow Sunday morning, so I’m not holding my breath!

Took this while walking the dog this morning…still wearing my full on snowsuit and cursing at the arctic wind that was blowing.

Then I took my “noisy” shoes and hopped on the treadmill and pounded out 10k while completely absorbed by Breaking Bad – am more than halfway through season 3.

My “noisy” shoes (’cause of their obnoxious colours)

And then I headed to work…that sun is a trickster…looks so warm and beautiful right? WRONG. It’s super cold this morning.  And then it’s supposed to rain this afternoon – but I bed it’ll snow! Ha! Such the optimist today! 🙂

You know that song Selfie? Cracks me up. So sadly accurate about society today.  Here’s my selfie for the day. Excuse the mess in the background…part of my job is to play games with kids so my office is like often a disaster zone! 🙂

Have a great Friday!!!

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