Sheldon makes me laugh really hard…and one day I seriously might trip.

While I would really rather be outside running, I gotta tell you, between Breaking Bad and Big Bang Theory, I am fully entertained while on the old ratmill.

I love Sheldon Cooper. Part of it is because I have a wee bit of Sheldon’s personality in me…I can be rather type A a times (sheepish grin).

There are times when one of his lines has me doubled over in laughter while running. Sometimes mid speed interval…probably interferes with what I’m trying to do in terms of training…but at the same time, if I wasn’t so entertained, I might not make it through the workout on the treadmill because of mind numbing boredom!

This is one of my favorite ones…first of all, it was hilarious. Secondly, it makes me want a ball pit in my house.

Anyway, this morning’s run was a speed workout:

5k warm-up
3 sets of 3×1.5mins on 30s recovery with 2 minutes between sets.

Tomorrow’s run is longer and I’ll be getting back to Breaking Bad…am up to halfway through Season 2!

2 thoughts on “Sheldon makes me laugh really hard…and one day I seriously might trip.


    Did you watch this week's episode of Big Bang? Sheldon and Amy's PS4/Xbox 1 debate at the dinner table had me double over laughing. I had to rewind it on the DVR and watch it again. I took a “Which Big Bang Theory character are you?” quiz, and was terribly disappointed when I wasn't Sheldon.



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