The colour of my shoes DOES impact my performance.

I used to try and argue with myself. Tell myself that I was being vain. That it didn’t matter what colour my shoes were, it was about their comfort and provision of function. But the truth is, if they are a colour that you despise wearing on your feet, then they won’t be comfortable and you won’t wear them…which means that they don’t do any of what you need them to do.

I finally admitted this to myself about 9 years ago when my shoe (a Saucony of some style long ago forgotten) that season was bright pink and white.  It looked like I was wearing clouds of pink cotton candy.  But they were “my shoe” that I knew fit me and my running well. So I bought them…despite LOATHING them.  I just felt silly giving up on a shoe because of their colour.

But you know what?  I barely wore them. I couldn’t. They were so ugly.  And very soon I changed shoes (brands too) and haven’t looked back.

Yesterday I bought new shoes. I really needed them. I have been wearing Asics Gel Nimbus for years now. I love them.  Although I hate their price. Here in Canada, they make you sign away your first born for them.

But the ones they have right now are an OBNOXIOUS colour. I don’t hate them like the cotton candy Saucony of years gone by, but I’m angry at them. LOL.  WHY, can’t they just make a shoe that doesn’t scream at you when you look at them? I get it, some people like that. But others don’t.  And here in Canada, we don’t get much choice – this is the current model and this is the only colour available to us.

Anyway, I wore them this morning during my easy 10k and they are SO comfortable (especially compared to my old worn out ones) and really, when I’m running, I can’t see them screaming at me.  It’s the poor people around me! 🙂

Do you like bright coloured shoes like this?
Would you ever not buy your running shoe because of their colour that season?

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