After work workout…I did it!

Despite (or maybe in spite of) my negative attitude about my ability to run AFTER work, I did it! I still can barely believe it.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I ran at a time other than early morning…but it has been a VERY long time.  And I’ll tell you, it feels VERY different.  My spine and feet felt all different (read: silly fashionable footwear all day) and certainly, my energy level was different…I also assume that I was more conscious of it all.  Sometimes I think I might be still 25% asleep during my morning workouts!

So yesterday’s was a speed workout: 5k warmup, 4 sets of 4x90s on 30s rest and 2 minutes between sets.  And I used my penny trick – anyone does this before?  On my treadmill I have a cup holder on either side of the console and in the left one I have about 20 pennies.  Each time I finish an interval, I move a penny over into the other cup…this is the only way I can seem to keep track of how many intervals I’ve done.

I read about this trick somewhere and with the lack of oxygen to my brain during these workouts, it has certainly come in handy!!

This morning I did an easy 10k (legs were tired from last night) and tomorrow I’m at a fitness conference all day (I teach fitness classes on the side) and I’m super excited…but know I will barely be able to walk by the end of the day…it’s a “hands-on” conference!

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