One of those days…

You know those days? When you just wake up and know that you didn’t have a good night’s sleep and that the whole day is likely going to suck a little?

I think something I ate yesterday didn’t totally agree with me and as a result I woke up not feeling recharge…more just beat up.

I pulled myself out of bed, ate breakfast and then walked the dog (in the pitch dark with a windchill temperature of -20C!!) and then got into my run gear and looked at my training schedule and climbed on the treadmill with some good episodes of Big Bang Theory to entertain me.

I did it.  But it was disappointingly not pretty. I just didn’t have the kick for it and I know I could have done it so much faster and while feeling so much better. I feel cheated. Oh well, I did it and I’m happy about that. But I sure would like a do-over! 🙂

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