Rest day and quick thoughts on compression socks and knee health…

In some ways I LOVE my rest day…but in some ways, I hate it just as much.  I relish that I could sleep in a bit longer and wasn’t as rushed this morning…but just as much, I’m chomping at the bit to get up early tomorrow morning and run again!

A few posts ago I spoke about how I think we are sometimes “over-recovering” and not allowing our body to be stressed and then adapt…and become stronger and better.  But I still take the day after a long run off from running – sometimes I might do some cross-training…for me it’s a re-charge and a way to ensure I don’t burn out – in life in general.

Something I’m not sure about are compression socks.  The research out there is non-conclusive.  I own a pair.  And I do wear them – but only during the summer months (not sure why…I think it’s that they feel awkward under all my winter layers)…and not every run or even during a race.  To be honest, I think they’re cute and that’s mostly why I wear them…but at the same time I think they’re a bit flashy and so don’t wear them during a race because I don’t feel I need to stand out in a crowd of thousands…

Yeah, yeah, I should just get a more subdued colour,right?  Then I probably would never wear them.  I guess what it comes down to is that for me, I have never noticed a significant different when I wear them compared to when I don’t…so the motivation to wear them is really all about fashion. LOL!

On a separate note…I saw this post on twitter from Runners World and thought it was great: “5 Things Runners Should Know About Knees”…I always have people say to me, after they learn I run long distance, “Oh, how are your knees?” or “Well, I know who will be getting a knee replacement before they’re 50”.  Irritates me because there is no evidence for this – in fact, it points to the opposite.

Do you wear compression socks? Why?
What brand? What colour?
Do you get the knee comments, too?

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