My mind is apparently done with winter.

The sun is BRILLIANT today.  But it’s freezing cold.  -25C with the wind (-13F) and I just can’t do it anymore.  I have run in MUCH colder temps, but by March my mind and body just can’t do it – and really, normally it’s much warmer by now.  I know that I just can’t do it when I almost happily choose to run 16km inside on my treadmill.  That’s like torture…but preferable to the elements outside apparently!

So, after walking the dog (remember, I think she’s part polar bear) outside in the vicious ice wind for an hour (she was the happiest dog around) I put on Season 2 of Breaking Bad and climbed on my ratmill and ran until I hit 10miles.  WOOHOO!!!

And then, as per usual, the minute I stepped off, Abby climbed on to enjoy the warmth of the treadmill belt!  Makes me laugh!

Have a few errands to run, some food prep for the week and then I’m heading to my parents for dinner tonight!

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