Field Hockey with a snowstorm outside!

Saturday  morning during the winter is field hockey – we play indoors.  It’s mixed (guys and girls) and it’s pick-up – some weekends we have a full field (indoors for us means 6 a side) and other weekends we have less…last weekend we literally played 2 on 2 (in a much reduced sized field!!).  My stick handling skills are not the greatest, but being a runner sure helps somewhat make up for that!! But no matter what I love every minute of it.  This morning was no exception.  We had 6 a side and it was fast and intense…the kind where I often found myself gasping for air and wishing there was a sub available.

But while we were playing hard, the snow outside was falling just as hard.  And I’m just tired of it. I realize it’s still only March and I shouldn’t expect to be wearing sandals…but please, NO MORE SNOW!! 

In the background you can see (through the SNOW) the dome we play in!

I brushed off my car and when I got back in, my windshield was already covered again! Grrrrr!!

The snow is very sticky!! 
Tomorrow is my long run…16km…I already feel my weakness…I worry I’ll be telling you tomorrow that I did it again on the treadmill…but I just can’t take the snow and cold weather anymore AND, Breaking Bad is SOOOOOO good!!!

Do you live where there is lots of snow in the winter?

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