Chocolate Milk…no, you shouldn’t have it after every workout.

I used to work with Jen Sygo about 8 years ago – it was at a health and performance centre – she was the dietitian and I was fitness consultant.  She was awesome then and she continues to be awesome – and quite successful.  I found this post she did recently on the over-hype around the benefits (and need) of drinking chocolate milk after (any) workout.  Similar to what I wrote a few days ago, we are potentially not allowing our bodies to experience stress and then adapt.  Chocolate milks is a very near perfect recovery drink in terms of it’s carbohydrate and protein content (and a liquid is easy to get in our bodies), but we only need a recovery drink after an intense workout.  But the message (often from Dairy Farmers of Canada themselves) is that it can and should be consumed after ANY workout.  Check out Jen’s video post

This morning’s workout was 10k…and I chickened out with the weather again and did it on my treadmill…while watching Breaking Bad!

Each morning I peek through my blinds hoping that spring has arrived!

What’s your favorite recovery meal/drink or routine?

Do you think that we over do it on the recovery?

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