I work 9-5…except today – URGH!

I have a fairly regular schedule of working 9-5 – sometimes I have to work evenings and sometimes I have to go in earlier, but for the most part it’s a sane and predictable 9-5.  And this makes it easy to get the dog walked and a run in before work without having to get up too early (ok, for some 5:30 is still TOO early!).  But today, I get to work 8am-7pm…and I just don’t think I’m going to have the energy to get in a run once I get home! I hate that. Makes me grumpy. LOL!

Today was supposed to be a short speed workout – but short I mean short intervals…the length of time is still close to an hour.

Yesterday I hung some photos from the trip to Italy I took before Christmas…I could just stand in front of them all day and daydream…

This is actually all one road/walkway – you start at the bottom of the stairs (there are over 100 of them), then you find yourself in the middle picture and then end up at the top…it’s so beautiful.

This was the first trip in years that I took that didn’t have a race attached to it.  While I missed that aspect of it, what I saw in Rome and around was spectacular.

What is one of your favorite trips that you have taken? Or where would you like to go?

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