What a weekend!!

I had such a great weekend – my only complaint is that it just wasn’t long enough!

Friday night I had dinner with my friend Jane – we had been hoping to go to this great pizza place in town, but it was packed and we ended up at a place called Burnt Butter.  I’d been there before and it was good…this time, the food was so-so – but the company was great and my wine was lovely! 🙂

Saturday morning I had field hockey (indoor)…only 4 people showed up!!!  We ended up staying and played 2 on 2, no subs for an hour. It was awesome!  It was a good group of 4 and we were able to work on some skills you don’t normally get to during a full game.  It was also nice to have fun (and be inside) since the weather was rather dreary…

Saturday afternoon I had an oil change appointment which took so long that they didn’t charge me AND fully washed my car (which REALLY needed it!).  Then I met my friend Ashley for a beer at a fun restaurant downtown.  We had forgotten it was St. Patty’s day celebrations so we were lucky to actually get a seat.

I just relaxed Saturday night and prepped for my 16k run on Sunday.  I had every intention of running outside but when I got up and walked the dog the next morning, I just couldn’t bear the horrific winds that had the temperature at almost -30C (-22F).  I could have braved it a month ago, but I just can’t do it anymore. It’s supposed to be warmer now.  So I did something I still can’t believe I did.  I ran 16km on my treadmill.  I know some people can run for hours on those machines, but I am not normally one of them.  My secret this weekend?  I’m finally watching Breaking Bad and I watched the first 1.5 episodes of season 1 and time just flew by…16km literally just flew by.  Awesome.

And even though it was RIDICULOUSLY cold, when we got back from our walk, my dog (who I really think is part polar bear) lay down on the front porch to sunbathe!!

I went over to friends’ house for brunch after my run and brought Kettleman’s Bagels  and cream cheese with me…AMAZINGLY delicious. Sunday afternoon my mom came over and we continue refinishing a chair I hope to one day have finished and in my living room!

Sunday night I prepared meals (including my yummy mushroom risotto), etc for the week and then went to bed!!

Do you prefer to have a busy fun weekend or a low-key relaxing weekend?

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