Thursday – short speed…and TM boredom buster!

As predicted, snowmageddon hit us again with about 10cm yesterday and another 5 or so overnight. People are losing their minds, but really, it’s only March…it is still winter! Lol!  But if I think of yesterday’s run (dodging the slick ice traps on the pavement) and then today’s morning walk with the dog, it’s hard not to sigh…

I do speedwork twice a week – one with longer intervals and the other with shorter intervals. Today was the shorter day.  During the winter, I often do my workouts on the treadmill in my basement.  My basement is unfinished and acts as a giant laundry room and storage room…with a home gym among it all.  I have free weights, a stability ball and TRX and an awesome treadmill.  I also have a TV (old school tube TV – it’s awesome – haha!) which helps me fight the boredom of the treadmill.  I love running…but there are times on the treadmill where I want to LOSE MY MIND.  Movies have often helped, but THE BEST boredom fighter for me is watching (over and over again) episodes of the Big Bang Theory (of which I have many).

I LAUGH. OUT. LOUD.  I know not everyone enjoys the show, but I think it is the funniest show ever.  And it saves me on the treadmill.  With freezing rain in the forecast for tomorrow, I have fears that I will have to do 15k on the treadmill…BBT will be my best friend if that’s the case! LOL!

When I workout in my “fancy” gym I always have a workout buddy – she usually just sleeps, but sometimes tries to lick my face when I’m doing care work on the ground. And she ALWAYS climbs on the treadmill when I’m done – it’s all warm and cozy apparently!!

My workout buddy…fast asleep in her bed!
I warmed it up for her!
How often do you run on a treadmill?
What do you do to fight the boredom on a treadmill or during a workout?

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