The physical wounds are healing…Wednesday – easy 10k

In my first post on this blog (previously I was writing another blog with my ex), I mentioned the (unnecessarily) dramatic ending our relationship took and since then, each morning when I wake up and start eating breakfast I get extremely nauseated.  It was like, for the 8 hours I was asleep for, I was able to forget the horrible things he said to me, but as soon as I would wake up, they would come rushing back to me like an avalanche.  This morning, I didn’t have those feelings. I’m a firm believer in not holding onto anger – I really see no point as it only punishes me in the end. But this was different, this wasn’t anger I was holding onto, it was the extreme hurt and frustration that another human, who said he cared for me, was able to be so cruel and say such awful things to and about me. And I didn’t know how to shake them other than to believe in myself, to remind myself that I am a good person, to stick close to friends and family who reminded me that I am not what he said I was, and sometimes most importantly, to keep running.  While still emotionally hurting (and confused), this morning was an indication that physically I’m healing. That is awesome.

This morning was an easy 10k – the pic below looks like I was running through puddles…but let me tell you, those are frozen puddles…PURE ice with a THIN layer of water on top – just to make them deathly slippery!  Ha!  I like a good challenge first thing in the morning!  The forecast says that by tomorrow morning they’ll be covered by at least 10cm of snow! I do love our 4 seasons, but I’m ready for spring…winter has been here long enough! 🙂

What are people’s favorite season?
What does running do for you?

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