Tuesday = Long Speed Day

I walked out my door this morning to walk to the dog only to discover that, despite the mild temperatures yesterday, winter had decided to unpack and stay a little longer – we’re forecasted to get 10-15cm more of the white fluffy stuff tomorrow! Fun.

After walking the dog, I pulled on my run gear and headed down into the basement for today’s speed workout care of my coach, Ken Parker of the OAC Racing Team

5k warm-up + drills
800m, 2 x 1200m, 800m all with 90 seconds recovery at 10k effort

The team uses an indoor dome during the winter for these workouts, but my work schedule doesn’t allow me to get there on time, so I have figured out how to do them on my treadmill.  Not as good quality as doing it with my teammates around me to push me, but still find myself bent over unable to breathe after intervals! Lol!

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