The Sun Factor

Sunday (during the winter at least) means long run. And I will stop myself here (see my winter gripe tab) and just comment that my weather app on my phone told me that it was -14C (-21C with the wind) and, this is the important part, 100% sunny. And this is where the special skill set of the winter runner comes in to play – the missing number is the Sun Factor temp!  Because you all know that if you dress for simply the temps given on a sunny day, you will be dying of heat within the first 4 minutes of your run. I have no scientific calculation for this, but my solution is to dress so that when I leave the house I’m slightly worried I won’t be warm enough.  This seems to result in either the perfect layering decisions or slightly too much, but not enough to really affect the run.  And really, if sunshine and warmth on a cold winter’s day are my problems, then I’ll take that!! Today was a GORGEOUS day – I took this pic 4km into my 16km run:

As mentioned yesterday, am fighting a cold of some sort – my throat feels as though I swallowed shards of glass.  The good thing (in terms of training) is that it feels just as bad if I’m running or sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself.  So I was able to get my run done today – woohoo!!

I sometimes find it difficult to know when to run and when not to when I’m fighting a cold.  My rule of thumb is to run if it’s just in my throat or head, but if it’s in my chest, I don’t run.

What do you do?

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