Saturday training (and a sore throat on the side)

As hard as I try – regular sleep, rest, balanced eating (this includes chocolate, beer and wine), stress management (although I might have failed at that this week) – I always get sick at least once during the winter.  And really, in my defense, it’s hard not to when the temperature swings from -29C to +3C degrees in 24 hours!

My sore throat started yesterday and in addition to drinking lots of fluids (non-alcoholic) and getting to bed early, I’ve been gargling with what I call my dad’s Hungarian poison.  One year my parents were traveling through Europe and while they were in Hungary my dad got a wicked sore throat and a local apothecary sold him this tincture and instructed him to put 12-15 drops of it in a glass and add just a little bit of water – enough so you could gargle the solution.  It tastes like hell but actually seems to work.  So whenever my parents have friends going to Hungary, they ask them to bring a bottle or two of this tincture back with them!  I’ve tried finding it online, but have been unsuccessful – this is what it looks like:

Anyway, today is Saturday and during the winter that means a training, but it never feels like training…Saturdays mornings in the winter are Field Hockey (indoor).  That’s that sport where we play with the funny short stick that you can only hit the ball with one side of it with.  It’s so awesome.  

It’s not for sissies!!

I’m dead after a game/scrimmage so I count that as a training session – it’s not cross-training ’cause I’m running, but I don’t know how else to name it in my training schedule…sometimes I think of it as a speed workout, but the speed intervals are so short (for long distance training) that I’m not sure that that’s entirely accurate.

Tomorrow is my long run which is 16km. It’s supposed to go down to -18 overnight and we also have the time change tonight (spring forward an hour) so it’s likely not going to be all that warm for my run – still full winter gear.  Oh man, the one thing I love about winter gear is my shoes.  I love my winter running shoes.  They are so warm and so comfortable – here’s a pic of my shoe, Salomon’s Speedcross 3.  I highly recommend them!!

So the rest of my day is going to involve gargling some more Hungarian poison, drinking hydrating fluids, soup and maybe grilled cheese sandwich for dinner and lying on the couch reading a good book.  And getting to bed early so I’m able to get in a solid run in the morning.

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