Change was needed. And another state is calling my name!

Two days ago, I ended things with a man who although said he really cared about me, his actions didn’t match.  And when I found myself feeling like I was walking on eggshells around him and carefully thinking out my sentences before speaking them, for fear it would cause him to go into a rage (from which he could never be pulled from), I knew that it was time for him to go.  But go he did not do peacefully.  Oh no.  In an adult body, he threw a tantrum like a two-year old and spewed language and insults at me that no one deserves.  I’m proud to say I remained calm and seated the entire time, did not respond with lewd language nor did I raise my voice. Which, to be honest, when someone is that irate, is easy to do.  You realize you’d be trying to reason or compete with crazy.  And no one ever wins there.

He and I had been planning a trip to Europe where we would race in one of the countries we visited and even though I could still go on it, I feel that it is sullied.  At least for 2014…I’ll probably do the trip in 2015!  🙂

But I’ve been training for a spring race so I needed to find one to replace it and the obvious answer it to make another notch in my 50 state quest…which one will it be…lol…it’s not like I don’t have tons to choose from!  But, my vacation at work is booked and my training schedule has me racing early May…so Oregon it is!!  This will be state number 8!  States already completed are:

California (San Diego)
Kentucky (Louisville)
Massachusetts (Boston)
Michigan (Detroit)
Minnesota (Minneapolis)
New York (Niagara Falls)
Virginia (Colonial Williamsburg)

Am excited for the destination change and look forward to the adventure it will provide!

One thought on “Change was needed. And another state is calling my name!

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