Abby the ham and the small miles that mean so much.

Seriously. I can’t help myself. And then I can’t help but laugh hysterically.

That cheek fur is too much!!

But she pays me back…this was mid-walk yesterday. *eye roll*

So guess what? After my physio treatment last Wednesday (another round of torturous ART and then some amazing dry needling in my butt and hamstring)…things have been getting progressively better. On Thursday I ran 2 miles (that was actually an accomplishment!), Friday I ran 3 miles and on Saturday…

…this girl ran 4 miles – and has every day since!!!

I have also been, post-runs, alternating between a leg workout – which includes squats and deadlifts (seriously, the dead lifts just feel like a glorious stretch on my hamstrings)

And core work – planks, stability ball ab work, TRX pull-ins…

See the TV in the background…yeah, that’s Homeland…and I’m done the first 4 seasons on it…which is all that is available on Netflix…but there are 2 more seasons out there…WHEN WILL NETFLIX GET THEM???? URGH!!!

This past weekend was a mix of good and bad weather…during the moments of good weather, TG did some painting while I, um, supervised (aka, read my book while sitting in the sun)…

I also had one of my favorite guys come visit me…Dan The Tire Guy!!! For those of us who have to have switch out winter tires vs. summer tires twice a year, you know it can be a ROYAL pain in the a$$ to schedule and can cost between $50-100. But my guy Dan COMES TO MY HOUSE and charges me only $30. AMAZING!!

I made some YUMMY pad thai on Sunday…of course, was so excited to eat it that I forgot to take a pic until after I had started eating it! lol

This morning, while Abby was adamant that it was time to wake up, she was also adamant that it was not time to get out of bed! *eye roll*

And then this, while I was trying to do core work this morning after my run! What a ham!!

Happy Tuesday!


Quieting the noise, my Birthday and Easter munchkins.

Sometimes you need to quiet the noise. 3 weeks ago was that last time I ran. Like, a real run. Since then, it’s been a mile here and a mile there…not more because the pain is too much. Not exactly sure what the cause is, likely a bunch of things, but right now my hamstrings could substitute as guitar strings and my hip flexors are basically cement.And it was, in some ways, a wake up call that I need to be more mindful. Of myself. Life is busy, loud, exciting, stressful, fun…and I find myself in a forward motion…almost tumbling forward. I need to take more breaks and just look out into the backyard and hear, feel, and see what is going on NOW. And respect it. Embrace it.

So, I’m getting my body treated (massage, physio, dry needling, etc.) and I know it will eventually be ok – in fact, I think it will be better – and in the meantime, I’m just taking things one day at a time and enjoying my extra free time.

I went and saw a few junior hockey games with my dad – something we did regularly when I was growing up. My memories of spending that quality time with my dad are so special and will last forever.

Oddly, I’m able to do strength training no problem – squats, deadlifts, lunges…and have been doing a lot more core (I suspect a lack of this is one of the root causes of all this).

With no early morning runs on the weekend, I find myself getting to Costco…BEFORE IT HAS OPENED.

Abby has been on the winning end of my free time…

But it also means I have more time to style her ever growing cheek fur!

It was my birthday last Tuesday – I turned 39. Eeek! TG and his daughter took me out for dinner and I got the best gift!!!

Up until now, I have been re-watching (over and over) the series on discs borrowed from my friend’s brother…now I have my own!!!

This past weekend, I had my brother and his family stay with me for Easter. My goodness it was exhausting – just ask Abby!! This was her at the end of day 1 of them being here:

This is a close-up of her face…OUT. COLD.

Friday night we had birthday celebrations for myself and my niece, Jillian, who will be turning 2 at the end of the month.

Sunday morning was a successful Easter Egg Hunt

After church we tried to get some nice pics of the kids…challenging to get them smiling properly at the same time! lol

Sunday night I found my brother hogging the couch…so, like any normal older sister, I piled on top of him…which the kids thought was hilarious and so they joined in!

After a weekend of insanity, am looking forward to having some quiet time…and continuing the healing process.

Happy Tuesday!


Winter Wonderland in Spring, the best stupid movie and more of Abby’s cheek fur shenanigans!

While I was a Bulk Barn the other day I came across a cookie cutter that I just couldn’t resist…and maybe it’s weird that I’m feeding Abby treats in these shapes, but they crack me up!!

Seriously, I bet you can’t help but laugh when you see them, right?!

FYI, I’m not some crazy person who insists on baking her own dog treats because I feel store bought ones are safe…it’s just that this recipe is STUPID easy…and now a bonus is that I get to use this cookie cutter!! lol!!

2 cups whole wheat flour
1/3 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup water (more if needed)
1 tbsp molasses

Mix, roll, cut and bake at 300F for 18 minutes.

Last Friday I had the day off…and I was extra grateful because when I opened up the front door to take Abby for a walk, all I saw was WHITE

And it basically continued ALL DAY

Saturday morning was just stupid…

…and it’s funny, because in January or February this would be no big deal, but at the end of March it had me and my teammates cursing on our group chat and discussing whether to actually run outside for our long run. We’re just DONE with winter.

But we are also done with long treadmill runs, so we met up and had a great 11 mile run in the beautiful sunshine…and snow!

TG was here for the weekend and on Saturday we ventured out to Ikea…I needed some frames for some of my Africa pictures and I needed a new duvet for one of my spare bedrooms. Since this is the room the TG’s daughter sleeps in, I made sure to buy a duvet that was 8-year old girl friendly! Pink is her FAVORITE colour.

I also, while we were out, picked up a new battery for my Garmin heart rate monitor…but I struggled to get the tiny screws out and somehow the guy with the giant hands was able to do it better than me! lol

Sunday morning I did 6 miles first thing…on my treadmill. Did I tell you? I finished House of Cards?!?! OMG, I can’t wait for the next season!! Soooo, until then, I’m watching:

I had been watching it a few years ago, but lost track of when it was aired on Cable so have picked it back up just at the beginning of Season 3. I CANNOT STAND Claire Danes but am managing to not let her ruin it for me! lol

Abby is clearly not a fan though…this was her while I was running and watching!

Then we went to see what I describe as the dumbest entertaining movie I have ever seen.

The special effects and visuals were OUT OF CONTROL. And we saw it in 3D. Now, let me be clear, this is not normally a movie I would go to (EVER), but I just felt like seeing something silly and my dad had said that while there was no plot and the acting was terrible, it would have you on the edge of your seat. And that it did – I was either on the edge, or jumping inches off my chair as Kong and the other animals did their thing…and what about TG? Not a word of a lie, the guy fell asleep twice!!!!! LOL!!! This excerpt from a review (ugh, I can’t find where I pulled it from!) of the movie is SPOT. ON.

Do I recommend you going to it? No. Not at all. But if you do, tell me what you thought!

I went to Starbucks this weekend – not something I do often (because I have trouble paying that much money for their drinks)…is this the new thing?? I don’t know why, but the personal touch of WRITING my name on my cup actually makes a big difference!

I do a lot of food prep for myself so that I have enough food to bring with me to work and so that I cook well balanced meals during the week rather than skimp out because I’m too tired at the end of the day. But I also (insert eye roll) do a lot of food prep for Miss Abby. Seriously. Any time you open my fridge you’ll find this…and it’s ALL. FOR. ABBY.

She really has no idea how good she has it. LOL – OMG, just noticing now, that mug in the background is perfect!!

Speaking of Abby…remember last week I showed you how I love playing with her cheek fur…I showed my dad and he has since admitted that he can’t help but give her a cheek mustache either!! lol!! This was this morning after our walk in the rain – fur was primed for styling!!

God, she’s adorable!!!

Happy Monday!!


Running, Bacon and Abby – what more does one need?

If you have cheek fur that does this, guaranteed I’m going to play with it and take pictures!

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that she is not NEARLY as amused as I am!!

Very low-key and wonderful weekend!! TG spent the weekend with his dad (he and his siblings take turns looking after their ailing father) which meant that I had the weekend to DO WHATEVER I WANTED!! Don’t get me wrong, I missed him but…who doesn’t want a weekend to themselves every now and then!?

Saturday morning was a nasty -20C/-4F windchill but our run turned out to be beautiful because of the gorgeous sunshine!! 12 beautiful miles!

I refueled myself appropriately once I got home…

And let’s be clear on the preparation…

That egg is frying itself in delicious bacon fat!!!

I then did a whole bunch of chores around the house and walked Abby in the still gorgeous sunshine

If she looks unimpressed to you, it’s because she is. She is irritated that I am making her sit for this pic when all she wants to do is run around this field like a lunatic while disobeying me. Sigh.

Then I spent the rest of the evening being lazy on the couch. It was AMAZING. Oh, and I did I tell you that I got 10 hours of sleep each night this weekend? That was also AMAZING.

Sunday morning met the team for another run…it was warmer yesterday – warm enough that by the end of the run we all had at least our mitts off, if not our jackets – it was 2C/36F by the end of the run! 11 miles of loveliness for a total of 44 miles (70km) for the week.

And refueling consisted of the same thing…

There are four slices of bacon in that one little egg mcmuffin…my mouth waters just at the memory…and yes, I feel that having a large slice of tomato in there balances out the food groups!

I did all my chores on Saturday…except one…I had committed to washing the baseboards on the ground floor this weekend…and saved it for Sunday.

It’s a hateful job. But, necessary. And it got done.

Then I went and got gas for the car…and with the weather being so “warm”, Abby got to do the dog thing and hang her head out the window.

After that I lay on the couch for the rest of the day. And, unlike, earlier in the week, this, thankfully, did not happen.

She’s such a brat, no??

I posted this on twitter last week…she was CONVINCED that one of her treats was under this bookcase but I knew I hadn’t let any fall under there and yet she wouldn’t listen to me (I say that like she EVER listens to me!)

And when I sent this to TG he was like, “Oh yeah, one fell under there this morning before I left”

Apparently when you’re a giant you’re too big to fish treats out from under furniture?? lol

Happy Monday!


Living in the arctic in March, the treadmill – the greatest invention ever, and Abby.

It was cold here this weekend. How cold? This cold:

With the windchill it was -30C/-22F. And it’s the middle of March. I just can’t handle it anymore. So I stayed inside and did my long run, 10 miles, on the treadmill. And so did all my teammates except for 2 crazy brave souls.

I’ll be honest. I took a 3 minute sanity break at 6 miles before finishing off the final 4. I love my treadmill, but 10 miles is, even for me, a long time to be trapped on there.

I spent the rest of the day doing groceries and chores around the house and then I met up with some girlfriends at my fav bar – Craft Beer Market.  I kinda look drunk in the pic…but I think it was more that that photographer had had a lot to drink! lol

Sunday morning it was still the same horror outside:

So I did my 10km on the treadmill again…

With all this cold weather, I’m fast approaching the end of Season 4 of House of Cards and Season 5 isn’t going to be released until May!! Ugh! I’ll have to start something new…any suggestions? I’m thinking of picking up Homeland from where I left off…which I think was around Season 2 or Season 3. I really liked it, it just kept switching times it was being aired on cable and so I lost track of it…

TG and his daughter arrived at my house yesterday afternoon and are here until tomorrow morning (she’s on Spring Break). We spent the rest of Sunday cuddled. up all together. either in my bed or on the couch…seriously. It was a much earned lazy day!

As for Abby…

I can barely handle the cuteness!!

And, as you can see, she continues to lead a high stress life!

Happy Monday!!

The Abbygator, training update, and my twin!

Seriously. I have lost complete control.

Ok, truth is that I probably lost it the minute I selected her from her litter of 8. But this bed issue is out of control. I wake up in the strangest positions because…well, you can see why.

Monday was 5 easy recovery miles on the treadmill followed by some strength training (lunges, arms, pushups, clam and planks).

Tuesday was track practice with the team…in honor of it being the eve of International Women’s Day, we did an “Evolution of (kick ass wo)man” themed post workout pic!

We lined up in order of height…I may be 3rd tallest, but FG is SO much taller lol

I actually really enjoyed this workout – mentally it was “easy” for me – just made sense in my type A brain…physically, like all of them, it kicked my ass. All done at 5k pace and preceded by a 3km warmup:

1600m, 3 minute rest
1200m, 2 minute rest
800m, 2 minute rest
3x400m, 1 minute rest

I love looking at HR data afterwards…it really shows a good visual of the workout – the warm up and each of the intervals…with each recovery….

Wednesday = REST DAY

And this morning, Thursday, was tempo…2 miles warm-up and then 5 miles tempo…there is a lot of sweat that happens…some of it is from watching the craziness that is House of Cards!!

This week is the first week where I have started to feel like myself again in terms of running strength. I still have a long way to go to get back to where I was and I am in no rush whatsoever, but it still was nice to feel like I’m not waking at 5am for these runs for no reason! lol

One of the reasons I love my job so much is that I get to work with one of my best friends…we’re so close that we basically have the same wardrobe…and sometimes this happens….

And have I told you that I think I own an alligator?


Happy Thursday!!

A very special trip, running and Abby overload.

Saturday I did something really special…I flew to Toronto for the day to visit my grandparents.

My grandfather turns 97 in a couple of weeks and my grandmother isn’t far behind at 93. They live in a retirement home together and this June, god willing, they will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary!!

During my travels to and from Toronto (which is a 4-5 hour drive from my house and only a 45 minute flight…making the cost of the flight SOOOOO worth it!) I had a latte from Starbucks…

Apparently my name, spelled correctly or not, didn’t matter! lol

I’m not sure if you have this in the US (please let me know – I’ve never thought to look while at airports in the US!), but for bringing liquids in your carry-on, they all need to fit into a 1L clear plastic bag – which you can get for free at the airport. I like to be environmentally responsible and re-use my bag as many times as possible…apparently the security guy thought mine needed to be retired because he quietly gave me two more and said, “I think it’s time” – ba-hahaha!

Abby spent the day with my parents while I was in Toronto…she literally has her own lazy-boy at their place. #spoiled

Before flying to Toronto I did an easy 10k run on my treadmill…the outside temperature was -22F/-30C. I love my treadmill even more on those days!!

Then I did some strength work with Supervisor Abby on duty, including pushups…

And planks…

I seriously can’t take how cute she is.

Sunday morning the temperature had warmed up a few degrees – only -6F/-22C lol. But the sun was brilliant and when you’re out with your friends, it’s always warmer!

And with the amazing sunshine, Abby and I took advantage of it and went on long walks Sunday morning and afternoon.

Scouting for squirrels to terrorize….

Going berserk for no reason other than she loves snow…

And then fully enjoying being off-leash – something that doesn’t happen all that often due to her COMPLETE LACK OF RECALL.

If I leave any clothing lying around, guaranteed Abby will find it and curl up on it!

This was her last night…again, I can’t take the cuteness!!

Last week I ran 64km (40 miles)…that’s the distance of the ultra I ran years ago (2003 to be precise…OMG, where has the time gone??)…I was clearly slacking last week! lol!! Funny, it really didn’t feel that way!!!

Happy Tuesday!